The Zimu Foundation offers two ways to volunteer to support its efforts: By sponsoring an educational or fundraising event in your church or home, or by travelling to Uganda to contribute your skills to efforts there.

Host a Zimu Foundation Event

If you would like to sponsor a Zimu event, please get in touch via our contact form and someone from the Foundation will call or e-mail you to discuss the necessary arrangements.

Volunteer On-Site in Uganda

No skills are required to attend a mission trip to Uganda.  Any adult over the age of 18, or minor (accompanied by an adult) in 8th grade through high school can participate in a life-changing and fulfilling mission trip. Everyone can make a difference and you may find out you can do much more than you thought. Please contact us for more information.

Trip Highlights

  • Volunteer abroad and help build a village school, a small medical clinic, or dig wells alongside local families who walk a minimum of 6 miles to access a school, healthcare and water.
  • Meet and work with rural women to uplift their self-esteem, teaching them life and livelihood skills for self-sustenance.  
  • Explore local villages; learn about Uganda, including its cultural diversity, tropical foods, rhythmic music and expressive dance.
  • Engage with local students and learn about the unique way of life in rural Uganda.
  • Participate in hands-on workshops and learn about poverty-related issues in Africa, as you experience them yourself. Again, use our contact form to inquire about volunteer opportunities on-site in Uganda.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service of others.

- Mahatma Gandhi

People don’t take trips but trips take people.

- John Steinbeck