Support the Zimu Foundation

The Zimu Foundation depends on the support of concerned individuals to continue its work. Whether making a contribution pledge to support our programs, or volunteering, your generosity is critical to our success. Please visit the related website page for detailed information on specific ways you can show your support. You can also make a general donation using the PayPal link below.

Here are our five intertwined programs we chose to achieve our vision and mission. We request for your support/donation please.

The Education Support Program

Through our Scholarship Program we serve underprivileged children/youths, ages twenty-five and below, who possess the ability to excel in an educational setting but do not have the financial resources to enable them to participate in good and appropriate schools. Through close cooperation between student, school, parents and the community, Zimu Foundation brings hope into the lives of many who would, otherwise, not have the opportunity to receive quality education to achieve their dream of life.

The Basic Healthcare Program

We believe that health is wealth. Through the Basic Healthcare Program, we support and deliver improved healthcare services in under-served and remote geographies. This involves construction of the clinics/hospitals, providing medical supplies, training of the staffs and ensuring good management for the sustainability.

The Clean Water Program

Water is an essential commodity in one’s life and development. Many students in Uganda spend more time in collecting water than they spend in studying. And more diseases in Uganda are due to drinking unsafe water. With our Safe Water Program we deliver access to clean, potable water by constructing good water systems with filters in under-served communities and institutions like schools, hospitals, churches, etc. and ensuring proper management for sustainability.

The Economic Empowerment Program

We believe that poverty cannot be eradicated by simply giving out handouts. And also, it is better to teach a person how to fish than to give him/her a fish. Through our Economic Empowerment Program we serve and empower individual young adults or small groups who exhibit the ability to excel in setting up and running their own sustainable businesses, but do not have the trade skills or financial resources to enable them to do so. Once clients receiving this assistance are successful, they are expected to support other participants in the program.

The Music and Sports Program

MSP is Zimu Foundation’s educational program designed and geared to character-building and leadership formation of young men and women who will be the leaders of tomorrow in their respective communities through Music and Sports. The success of our program is not measured by a win-loss record or a competition placement, but by the Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Solidarity, Responsibility and the Fun participants experience through working together as one. We identify, promote skills and talents among the youths. We organize, support/donate musical and sports equipment to underserved youth groups/teams.