Current Projects

Our Lady of Lourdes Nakasongola HospitalClinic construction at Nakasongola

After successfully improving on the sorry state of the existing clinic, we started on the construction of an additional structure to handle the overcrowding and to provide better health services. This new structure will be big enough to have the maternity wing including prenatal, labor ward, and postnatal rooms; a surgical section, incubator room, and nurse/ doctor’s office. Due to the limited sources of funding, the construction has been slow and the work has been completed in phases. We started by digging the clinic’s footings, building the walls and then constructing the roof. As you notice, everything is done manually with no bulldozers or caterpillars to dig the footings. There are no concrete mixers, or even a nail gun. Personal protective equipment such as safety glasses, hearing protection water proof gloves are absent.  It requires real risk and hard labor but the local craftsmanship is good. These people are working diligently to survive and support their families.  We are not just building a clinic, but we are also creating jobs for the qualified but unemployed people in the area especially the youth. Besides serving the population of about 168,000 people, the new clinic at it’s completion, will be able to provide employment opportunities to about 70 employees. However, we still have a long way to go before the hospital can treat its first patient. Here is what is still remaining and we request for your support and donation.

  • Windows and doors = $25,000.
  • Interior/exterior work = $73,000.
  • Water and electricity installation = $52,000.
  • Equipping the new clinic.