The Zimu Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) charitable, non-profit organization whose mission is to transform Uganda's poorest of the poor living in its impoverished villages in remote geographic areas. Zimu Foundation is dedicated to relieving the suffering and uncertainty of Uganda's underprivileged women and children through quality, relevant education, basic healthcare, clean water and life-training skills for economic self-sustenance. These individuals become victim to the shackles of poverty where the simplest necessities of life such as food, shelter, clean water, basic healthcare and education are often not within their reach. The Zimu Foundation's major aim is to break the vicious cycles of illiteracy and poverty, which are the primary causes of the suffering and the poor living conditions of the children and women living in these geographically remote impoverished villages.

This cycle of poverty is not unique to Uganda, therefore, it is the intention of Zimu Foundation to first perfect the delivery model for our mission by selecting specific under-served and geographically remote locations.  Our delivery is initially targeted in Uganda, where we are able to establish an on-site base of volunteer coordinators, and then after gaining experience in successful delivery of our mission, expand to additional geographies throughout Uganda and then in other similar demographics throughout Africa.

This video slideshow shows the construction progress of the new clinic at Nakosongola. Due to the limited sources of funding the construction has been slow and the work must be completed in phases which are shown on one of the slides. The work is done by the local people who are working diligently to survive and support their families. You will also see pictures of the existing dilapidated clinic and the local people who will benefit from the new clinic. When finished the clinic will serve the local population of about 168,000 people and will provide employment opportunities to about 70 employees. However, we still have a long way to go before the clinic can treat it's first patient and we request your support and donation. – Fr. Peter Mukasa

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